[April 8, 2016] Best Marketing Links of the Week

Marketing is an ever-changing, ever-evolving discipline. We’re bombarded with new content and information every day. Here’s a collection of my favorite posts from the ast week. I encourage you to read them carefully.

1. A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Reader Personas

Woman holding traditional book and e-book reader

The most important part of any marketing effort or campaign is a careful understanding of the audience. I can’t stress this enough. You don’t have to be a noteworthy writer or designer if you’re using the right language and images for your followers/readers/viewers.

This article by Neil Patel shows you how to dig into your audience’s life and figure out what makes them tick.

2. Behind the Scenes: How This Agency Saves 40 Hours Per Week With Its Social Media Sharing


Marketers are constantly looking for ways to automate their workflows, but sometimes that just isn’t possible. Someone has to create and schedule those social media posts. But with Buffer, you can build the content right inside their app and give your client a log in to review and approve it. This eliminate the tedious step of sending files back-and-forth and uploading/importing your posts to your scheduler.

3. 12 Critical Elements of a Content Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is what separates quality content from grandma’s “recipes and cats” blog. A calendar helps you make broad, far-reaching decisions about your content (including topics, keywords, best posting times, etc.). Essentially, the calendar is a visual representation of your content strategy.

4. Does Generational Marketing Work?


This has been a hot topic in the marketing community lately, and I’m glad someone took a bold stance. Generational marketing means appealing to a specific age-based demographic, like Generation X or Millennials. But there’s no concrete, universally-agreed definition of what those terms mean, so how can we possibly target those people?

5. There’s No Such Thing as ‘Unlimited Vacation’


I’ve seen this more and more lately, but it never struck me as a perk. I feel like I would always be worried whether I was taking too much, or worried I screwed myself by not taking much. I’ve never worked in this type of environment, so I can’t say for sure, but I think you can do away with a lot of tension companies/agencies at least gave their employees some guidelines.

6. 4 Social Media Tactics That Are Going Away Like the Landline


Of all the various digital marketing tactics we can employee, social media seems to change the fastest. But I like that. It’s as if social media has a built-in mechanism to change itself constantly. No one will ever get a good grip on it, so it will always be “cool.”

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