You’re not mediocre.
Your copy shouldn’t be either.

Do your customers bounce off your website? Do your pages fail to convert? Do you lack the time to create your own content?

You need my help.


Dennis Hammer, Content Strategist and Copywriter

Well-written copy pays for itself

Striking photos and a clever design may delight your users, but persuasive copy creates sales. As an expert copywriter and content strategist, I will help you develop marketing materials that draw traffic, generate leads, and convert buyers.

Blog Content

Fresh blog content creates engagement with your customers, improves your search engine ranking, and gives readers something to share.

Video Scripts

Videos are a fantastic way to sell on the web. But if you want your videos to make sales, they need well-written scripts that drive viewers to take action.

Email Content

There’s no better return on your investment than email marketing. Well written emails nurture your leads, convincing prospects to become customers.

Landing Pages

Once you have traffic on your landing page, you can’t let it go. Your page needs to convert as many people as possible. That means your copy is critical.

Website Copy

Your website copy should be clear, tight, and compelling. It needs to connect with your prospects instantly and push them towards conversion.

SEO Copy

Ranking high on search result pages (especially Google’s) means more traffic to y our site. You need website copy that’s optimized for search engines.

Content Training

Content marketing isn’t easy. You aren’t sure what to create, where to start, or how to measure your results. Don’t spend months creating content that never draws a sale. My consultations will put you on the right path.

Content Strategy

You need a well-crafted strategy that puts all of the pieces together. My strategies are 100% actionable. Follow the steps to create, promote, and measure your own content. It’s like having an expert over your shoulder.

See some of my work

I work with big corporate brands, small business, and agencies to provide unique, creative, and (most importantly) effective copy and content for websites, blogs, email campaigns, landing pages, and video scripts.

You need copy that gets results

Let me help you build an engaging online presence that draws leads and make sales.